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ROBINDOS RESEARCH CONSULTANCY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES 1. Dissertation writing services (Phd, Masters & Undergraduate) 2. Topic formulation services 3. Concept note writing services 4. Proposal writing services 5. Introduction chapter writing services 6. Literature review chapter writing services 7. Research methodology chapter writing services 8. Research instruments formulation services (Questionnaire, interview guide, etc.) 9. Data collection services 10. Statistical analysis services (SPSS, EVIEWS, NVIVO, etc.) 11. Data presentation and analysis chapter writing services 12. Conclusion and recommendation chapter writing services 13. Journal article writing services 14. Assignment writing services 15. Plagiarism check and reduction services (Turnitin) DISSERTATION WRITING SERVICES (PHD, MASTERS & UNDERGRADUATE) What comes to your mind when you read or hear the word DISSERTATION? What comes to your mind may include; • Data collection • Dealing with challenges • Discovery of new ideas • Hunting for facts DEFINITION: A dissertation is a research that is done and documented in a prescribed structure in fulfillment of the requirements of obtaining a taught or research-based PhD, Masters, or Undergraduate degree (Robindos Research Consultancy, 2020). At Robindos Research Consultancy we assist our clients to write their dissertations from topic formulation to the completion of the final dissertation. A dissertation has an infinite number of chapters but must have the following five sections; • Introduction • Literature Review • Research Methodology • Data Presentation and Discussion • Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations Why do we write dissertations? • To get PhDs, Masters, and Bachelors degrees • To provide solutions to complex problems • To investigate laws of nature • To make new discoveries • To develop new products • To save costs • To improve our life • Human desires Dissertation structure!!! There is no fixed structure for writing a dissertation and usually, universities and supervisors provide their preferred structure. However, at Robindos Research Consultancy, the common structure is as follows; • PRELIMINARY PAGES • the title page • declaration • the abstract • the acknowledgments • the table of contents • list of tables • list of figures • list of boxes • CHAPTER ONE • introduction • background to the study • statement of the problem • aim of the study • objectives of the study • research questions & or hypotheses • significance of the study • assumptions • scope (delimitations) • limitations • definition of terms • conclusion • REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE • introduction • body: under subheadings related to the objectives of the research • Conclusion. • RESEARCH METHODOLOGY • introduction • research design/plan • data collection methods, sampling (i.e. target population, sample and sampling procedures), and research instruments • methods of data presentation and analysis • RESULTS AND DISCUSSION • introduction • background information of respondents • the other discussions should be in line with your research objectives (maybe under subheadings related to your objectives) • conclusion • CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS • introduction • conclusions: as per research questions/research objectives and tests of hypotheses • recommendations: these should be related to the findings/ conclusions • REFERENCES • APPENDICES


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