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  • Cardio care
  • Cardio care
  • Cardio care
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Date : March 30, 2021
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Cardio care



▪ *Cardio*- refers to the Heart.

▪ *Cardiovascular* – refers to Heart, blood vessels & blood..


*The cardiovascular system*

a. *Transports nutrients, oxygen & hormones throughout the body*

b. *Removes metabolic waste ( carbon dioxide, nitrogenous waste, etc) from the body*



1. *Hypertension*- high blood pressure condition & heart works under increased pressure.

2 *Coronary Heart Disease*- damage to arteries

3. *Atherosclerosis*- build up of fatty substances in the artery walls (cholestrol deposition)

4 *Angina*-sharp pains in the chest

5. *Heart attack*- blockage of blood flow to the heart muscles.

6. *Thrombosis*- formation of clot in blood vessels.

7. *Stroke*- blood clot blocking an artery to the Brain.


*Causes of Disorders* Include:

~ Thick blood

~ Build up of fat in arteries

~ diabetic conditions

~ high cholesterol

~ smoking, alcohol,

~ Stress

~ Excess salt

~ Obesity

~ inactivity


*Signs & Symptoms*

~ abnormal heart beat

~ fatigue

~ anxiety

~ Pain in arms, jaws, neck, shoulder

~ Chest pains & discomfort

~ unusual breathlessness

~ heart attack


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